Words to Live By

(A Not All Inclusive Look at Life in Words)

by Kenneth J. Kogut, Ph.D., P.E.


Book Details

Words and phrases to reflect on, with the thought of thinking on ways to apply them to our daily lives.

Words have become a basic form of communication in society. Taking the time to take a look at a play on words, and interesting statements by some notable Notables. Reflections on these interesting words and phrases compilation, may open up a world of thought and possible inspiration at some points in our lives today and tomorrow.


About the Author

Kenneth J. Kogut, Ph.D., P.E.

Mr. Kogut maintains a professional energy and management consulting practice serving clients in the commercial, industrial, institutional, and governmental sectors. He has been actively involved in the energy field focused on designing various energy management programs and systems, applications of energy rates, and environmental programs throughout his entire professional career. Mr. Kogut has published a number of papers on the subject of energy. He is a registered Professional Engineer (P.E.) in several states, currently holds a number of certifications in the energy field, and is an active instructor in the energy field. Mr. Kogut is also listed in several Who’s Who publications, and is a recipient of a number of energy awards and honors, including induction into the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) Energy Managers’ Hall of Fame. Mr. Kogut has received a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree and a Master of Engineering degree from the University of Detroit, and has also received a Ph.D. from Lacrosse University in Engineering Management. His outside interests include golf, wine, and fine dining, along with professional, social, and community activities. Personal interests include history related readings, along with readings associated with individuals involved with contributions to science, engineering, world activities, and personal endeavors. Mr. Kogut enjoys the application of variations on words and its uses in the English language.