Wonderfultales from the Land of the Seven Kingdoms

by George W. Van Sise


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Thrilling, intelligent, make-believe, for all ages!

Thrilling, intelligent, make-believe for all ages! “No man is rich unless he has a tale to tell.” — Lord Ever Blackwood The entire world loves folk tales, fairy tales and the stories handed down from earlier generations. Now delight in twenty tales you have never read before. Fateful decisions, evil promises, dangerous secrets, and daring rescues, along with brave girls and boys, await you when you step into The Land of the Seven Kingdoms. Guided by your storyteller host, Mijel the Tellara, you can journey, or Travelon as we call it in Merrinwold, into The Land of the Seven Kingdoms anywhere, anytime! You will experience wondrous transformations, evil creatures, and binding friendships; there is lasting love, frightful dangers, and more. Wonderfultales from the Land of the Seven Kingdoms, like classic tales from the past continues the telling of stories of wonder and amazement, and is certain to be the new standard in classic entertainment for all ages. Welcome!


Book Excerpt

Excerpt from: THE WISH OF THE WOLF QUEEN “RAHN! Don’t touch him!” she shouted commandingly at the Mad Wolf, in a combination of Warvish and human speech. “What? Don’t touch him!” Rahn said, letting out a ferocious growl, and tilting his head to gaze in the Wolf Queen’s direction, “Do you love the Two-Leg murder more than your own clan?” He growled out loudly, as the lightning reflected in his orange eyes. “It is because of my clan that I love him.” Lyssa replied adamantly. “Then I will kill you, just as I kill this one!” Rahn barked condemningly, baring his fangs and turning back to face Blackwood once again, preparing to spring. “Now die in my teeth Two-Legs!” Rahn roared as he leaped forward. Ever braced himself for the Mad Wolf’s impact, and at the same time, Lyssa charged in to do battle with the beast. The moment of judgment had arrived. Still, none could have guessed what the storm had in store for them. At the very instant, when the three collided in the same spot, a gigantic bolt of lightning ripped the heavens apart and slashed down, striking the flagpole and blasting away the stonewall of the roofs edge, and when it did, Blackwood, Lyssa and Rahn pitched over the precipice. Lyssa screamed as she tumbled forward. Blackwood grasped wildly for Lyssa’s hand, clasping it with his own, while with the fingers of his other hand he lashed out and gripped the edge of the parapet that remained.


About the Author

George W. Van Sise

George W. Van Sise is married and a father of four grown children, with seven grandchildren. Having written since the age of seven, he focused on his Wonderfultales series to delight and entertain his own children first, only to discover that whoever heard them were also enchanted. As Mijel zaz Caroon the Tellara, he enjoys relating his Wonderfultales to any and all listeners, and invites everyone to Travelon, or journey into the Land of the Seven Kingdoms. Welcome!

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