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An inspiring story of Love, Courage and Faith.

The Women of Faith, Loretta, Janet, and Theresa were women who truly loved and trusted the Lord. But they had no idea how their love, faith, and trust would be put to the test until a gang of murderers kidnapped them by mistake. Then the gang wanted to abuse, rape and murder them. But these young misguided men didn’t know that God could override their plans and set these brave faithful women on their new path for His Glory. As the women suited up for the battle of their lives, with God’s Word, and fire in their hearts, they knew that God and His angels would be right there fighting with them. Some would fight, and some would die, and only God knew who would survive.


Book Excerpt

I was truly excited as I read this book. It has a powerful message that will touch the hearts of many, especially younger people. But no matter what age a person may be "Women of Faith: God's Word" will inspire and touch your hearts, especially those interested in God's Word. Bible stories are told in ways that will make you laugh and cry.
I recommend this book to anyone who loves to read action, drama, comedy and inspiration. God bless those who purchase and read it, you'll not be sorry...From one who purchased this book...Dutchess, author of "The Devil's Playground"...

I am author of another book, (Dummy Detectives: Kiss of the Spider Lady) so therefore I do know a good book when I see one. I think all young people should read it. It's full of action, drama, and inspiration, not to mention comedy. In fact, there's one character named "Pee Wee" and boy, he could really tell a Bible story. He puts truth and comedy into his stories. This character brought them to life. All the characters in this book were exciting as a whole, some funny, loveable, and some not so nice...put it all together and "man, you've got a good book." So come on folks take a chance, I will be good for you.
Chris: The Puppet Master...

My brother has truly been a blessing seeing you after all these years. To see you doing good, and you have turned your life over to Christ. It's really remarkable how God's spirit spoke through you in your books.
I want you to know how reading your books have actually made a powerful effect in my life in this short amount of time. I honestly believe God put me here to read them. He has spoken to me through you. For all the questions that I had, your book "Women of Faith" has answered, so all I can say is God is good, and I love Him.
Throughout my years I have never read such a powerful book that has really touched me in my spirit...with the exception of the Bible. It makes me feel so good when I see a brother so deep into the graces of our Lord. You don't know it, but it is you who I look up to, and I strive for that same spiritual strength.
The journey of a Christian in prison is a long one, because we are inundated by evil in all forms. Thanks to reading the "Women of Faith," I now understand what it means to keep our faith and believe wholeheartedly and trust in the Lord...and we can overcome any, and everything.
I cannot put in mere words how powerful this book is and how much it means to me. I can read "Women of Faith" a thousand times and each time cry while reading it.
"Women of Faith" is going to touch so many people's lives. God chose are blessed. ~A brother in Christ and an ex-gang member~

Women of Faith: God's Word is such a warm and inspiring story. It just goes to show you that all things are possible with Faith in the Lord. ~Susan Szczepanski~


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Walter “Chris” Taylor, born in Kentucky, has written twelve books. Chris has also been incarcerated for the past thirty-five years. God has marvelously changed his heart and life. His mother, Loretta Taylor has stood proudly by her son’s side. This book is dedicated to God, mother, wife and family.

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