She Who is Without Sin

by Martha Emily Bellinger


Book Details

In the highly anticipated sequel to The Two Ruths, we reunite with Ruth and Ruthie, a middle-aged lesbian couple living in rural America as they move through the turbulent late sixties and into the slightly more accepting seventies. Still in the closet out of vocational necessity, but feeling the need to be “out,” the two Ruths cling to the strength of their love, and their sense of humor, to get through difficult times. If ever there were soulmates, it is Ruth and Ruthie, in an amazing, lifelong love affair all will admire, whether LGBTQ or straight.


About the Author

Martha Emily Bellinger

About the Author: Martha Emily Bellinger, a retired California Superior Court judge of 20 years and former ordained United Methodist minister, is the author of a 2011 memoir, From Robe to Robe, and a critically acclaimed debut novel, The Two Ruths, in which two women meet in Upstate New York, fall in love, and build a life together, in spite of the secrecy that society demanded in 1952. In She Who Is Without Sin, the author demonstrates how the love story of all time may just be a lesbian love story.