Setback or Stepping Stone? It's Your Choice

"With all my might, it shall be done"

by Wayne Faulkner


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How to implement the highest degree of effort and commitment possible in your life. With all my might, it shall be done! This single-minded thought, an unwavering decision- making idea, will help you bring to bear every fiber of your being. With your own might—your considerable strength or power— you can adopt an enduring new way to advance your decisions, hopes, and dreams. Setback or Stepping Stone? will help you • Stop second-guessing yourself, wondering what might have been. • Make a commitment to personal discipline. • Become more productive in goal-setting and achieving. • Put all of your heart into an effort. • Commit to any task, goal, plan, mission, and aim with every fiber of your being. • Give your all to the job, whether it is big or small. • Serve the people with all your might. Without this resolute attitude, the slightest storm cloud along your journey will cause fear, uncertainty, and doubt. The only way to go is forward. With all my might, it shall be done!


About the Author

Wayne Faulkner

Wayne Faulkner is the author of How To Think and Create Success. A personal development coach, educator, and content creator, he has spent countless hours researching high achievers and personal development in order to launch new thought processes, empowering those seeking a greater level of consciousness, enlightenment, and success. Wayne lives in Tennessee.

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