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1978 Poland—rape, poverty, and an offer Sara can’t refuse collide to bring her to the United States. Betrayal and an abusive marriage threaten to send her back. Her heart is torn between two continents, and two families—the family of her youth and the family she struggles to create. Then, the unthinkable happens and she must make a decision that will ultimately change the course of her life and lead her to the love she always wanted.


About the Author

Sara Tula

Sara was born in a small farming village in central Poland. She lived the typical harsh, rural Polish lifestyle but she always yearned for something more. In her early teens Sara convinced her parents to let her come to America on a student visa to pursue her dream of a better life. Sara stayed with her Aunt and Uncle in Chicago and quickly learned that following her ambitious dreams were much harder than she thought. Sara buckled down and went to school where she learned English, earned a high school diploma and pursued her love of accounting in college. Despite many hardships and worries, despite numerous challenges and failures what remains constant is the blessing of God’s love and grace in Sara’s life. Sara created a charitable organization that helps her community with activities including soup kitchens and fund raising activities that benefit women, children and those in need. Sara now lives in the Chicago suburbs and is happily married with 2 great kids and a successful career. Sara wanted to share her story to show others that if you work hard and persevere, your dreams can come true. Written in collaboration with Julie Polanco at