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It’s A Girl…

Ashley and Richard are a handsome and successful couple, she an architect, he a physicist. In their mid-thirties they feel secure in their careers and relationship to have a baby to complete their lives, to seal their happiness. Their baby is stillborn. Ashley and Richard try to deal with the loss rationally, but the relationship is quickly threatened to its core, last not least by the feeling of failure when faced with friends and colleagues. Their story of falling apart before recovery is possible, experienced by thousands of couples each and every year and the underlying cause of so many divorces, is told alternating between the wife’s and the husband’s point of view. The author dares to deal with the difficult subject of what such a loss means to a couple’s sexuality, as men and women have different ways and time tables to deal with it. The novel is highly recommended by grief workers and psychotherapists and suggests small steps for coping, forgiving, and healing.


Book Excerpt

Bringing the red wine to his lips, Richard thought of the night when Ashley had painted the walls of the nursery a bright yellow and was waiting for him with a gourmet dinner and an expensive bottle of red. She kissed him on the cheek and tried to pretend that everything was back to normal, painful but manageable, like a temporary set-back at the stock market. How he admired her energy and self discipline. "Tomorrow I'll go to the office and talk to Lyle. I don't need the leave..." "Are you sure you don't want to rest a while?" "Rest from what?" A pregnancy that didn't produce a child didn't warrant a leave of absence or a vacation. Ashley was all puritanical work ethic. Considering the result, a hell of a lot of time had been wasted already! Richard firmly closed the door to the nursery and followed Ashley into the kitchen.


About the Author

Karin Howard

A painful and life-changing personal experience compelled the author to research the still very much taboo subject of stillbirths and write her first novel. After working as a print journalist in Germany and South Africa and a career with German Television, Karin Howard relocated to Hollywood where she attended the American Film Institute and settled down as a screenwriter. Among her many film and television credits are The Neverending Story II, The Tigress and Millionaire Dogs.



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