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Wilbur’s Rescue

When a tiny great horned owlet fell over seventy feet from his nest in a white pine tree, it seemed like there would be little or no chance of anyone finding him. The spot where he was lying was too far from the owner’s home for him to be visible. The wheels of motion began in the late afternoon when the homeowner took a shortcut to the mailbox down the road. That choice proved to be providential because it led her straight to the owlet, who was still alive. After falling such a great distance, it was unknown if he had incurred any severe injuries. Within minutes, he was driven to the local nature center so they could assess his condition. No serious problems were discovered, but he was immediately given warmth, nourishment and a cozy pouch to sleep in.

Once Wilbur was rehabilitated, they would renest him. How they would achieve that was the next challenge, and the events that evolved to attain their goal all occurred within twenty-four hours. Everyone involved had unwavering commitment, overcame the obstacles, and demonstrated how working together can accomplish a great deal. Adding a delightful spin to the tale is playful dialogue from Wilbur’s perspective of the episode, creating a story the entire family will enjoy.


About the Author

Jeanette Mayo-Upholz

JEANETTE MAYO-UPHOLZ considers working outdoors a favorite place to be, where she finds much pleasure in nature, gardening, and building stone walls. An avid artist for many years, she enjoys painting local landscapes. A retired registered nurse, she lives with her husband on the Connecticut shoreline where wildlife abounds.