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The Beginning Of Knighthood

Return to the days of Chivalry, of Knights in shining armor and their Ladies Fair. Experience the grandeur of sword, shield, and horse, and the beginning of the age of courtly romance. Find out how a young man becomes a Knight. Follow Wil through his training and his adventures as he meets notable historical characters. Learn how a girl becomes a Lady-in-Waiting. It is all here in this beautifully illustrated historical fiction. In 12th Century England, literature’s most honorable Knight and his Lady Fair first met as mere youngsters. This is the story of their childhood adventures, misadventures, their joys, and deep sorrow. You will discover what led to his estrangement and why he had to make a bitter choice. Most of all, it is the story of their honorable love. Wil and Ro is a captivating story about a young man and woman and their journey into adulthood. Their love for each other is tested as they face the hardships that maturity entails. Wil and Ro must face the pain of separation as they fulfill their duties as a knight and a lady-in-waiting. This book captures the reader’s attention and takes them on a journey of love, loss, commitment, and courage. “Once I began reading Wil and Ro, I was pleasantly surprised that all events were historically accurate. I could immediately relate with the intricate emotions of each character and couldn’t put it down. This phenomenal book will make you laugh at each witty joke, cry during each heartbreaking moment, and experience the love and pain of two dewy-eyed lovers. Wil and Ro is a brilliant and heartwarming book that portrays the meaning of bravery, faith, and true love.” -9th grader Meghana Giri, 2013 Alabama State Spelling Bee Champion


About the Author


Greywolf is the pen-name of James Ready M.D. A native of Huntsville, AL, he received his undergraduate degree from the University of Alabama, and a Masters in Medical Genetics from UAB. Matriculating at St. George’s University, he later transferred to the University of South Alabama where he received his medical degree in 1985. After a medical residency at the University of Virginia in Roanoke, he did a fellowship in Rheumatology at Emory. Dr. Ready lives in Anniston, AL, where he practices Rheumatology. He is married and has two sons. He attends Greenbrier Church of Christ. His interests include reading and history.