Who's in Charge?

An Educational Outlook For All

by Donna Harla


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Education: the road to success or the path for failure.

EDUCATION: THE ROAD TO SUCCESS OR THE PATH FOR FAILURE. Most standardized testing, regulations, and legislation affecting education is drafted, implemented, and enforced by people who have never spent a day teaching in a classroom. They are not doing the hard work of teaching an increasingly diversified population of students – students who are facing family, economic, and personal stresses unprecedented in the history of American education. The people with the greatest impact on the educational system right now are those who know the least about effective education. Donna Harla’s exceptional book is a must-read for everyone who cares about education – and that should be everyone. Even if you don’t have a child in the school system, graduates who do not attain skills and knowledge to be successful in life create a drain on the country that affects everyone. This is a book, by a teacher, showing what effective education really is: with research from experts in the field, and real-life classroom examples. With more than a quarter million teachers at risk of losing their jobs, and hundreds of thousands of children who fail in life due to insufficient education, we need to find the real reasons why teachers aren’t teaching, and children aren’t learning. Donna has no private funding, affiliation, or influence to bias her information: this is the reality of education as she has lived it, and the truth of what works as she and her educational team have experienced it. Parents, taxpayers, voters, citizens, and lawmakers: all of us are involved in education in ways that will determine the future of America. Donna knows that true education comes from sharing knowledge worth knowing. The purpose of this book is to share timely and urgent information regarding research, theory, experience, and practice in education so that wise and expert decisions can be made to reform our failing system.


About the Author

Donna Harla

After two decades, Parent Collaboration Professional Learning Community (PC PLC) was formed. Donna practices a professional learning community for parents, students and teachers. Her idea started in 2008 with 130 students. The results were 98% student success and the program tripled the second year. The third year student success remained 98% and grew to 14 teachers and nearly 500 students. In the fourth year 2011, the program more than doubles and remains consistent with 98% student success, 36 teachers and 1170 students. She describes the program in her first release, Who’s in Charge? Donna is an educator with a BAE, cum laude, MS Curriculum and Instruction, summa cum laude, CET, ESOL, Gifted Endorsement, teaching and earning her doctorate. She can be reached at http://www.parentcollaboration.org.