Whispers, Secrets, & Lies

Letters of Life

by Vernon A. Nealy


Book Details

Whispers, Secrets, and Lies—a collection of perceptive, achingly honest poems—offers a decisive view that makes no apologies. These verses attempt to simplify rather than complicate the common ills which plague humanity, providing insight into life’s often messy entanglements. The poems are divided into three sections. In “Whispers,” we examine those things that people speak softly about under their breath. The poems in “Secrets” reflect a pool of applied wisdom and answers to personal questions. And “Lies” deals with rumors, half truths, and false impressions. Tying all the poems together is an undercurrent of truth. “For in truth, there is love. In love, there is understanding. In understanding, there is forgiveness.” In this stunning collection, whispers will cease; secrets will be revealed; and lies will manifest—but the truth remains evident throughout.


About the Author

Vernon A. Nealy

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Vernon A. Nealy an American native, born in Passaic, New Jersey in the early 1950’s. As a graduate of Florida A&M University in Tallahassee, his field of concentration was Fine Arts major and cartoonist. He created cartoon characters which enhanced the university’s newspaper. Mr. Nealy, a freelance artist and fashion designer has worked for various New York-based companies. Mr. Nealy is also a Fine Arts Teacher in the Paterson, NJ school district. During his spare time, he exercises his gift in writing poetry and prose. Whipsers, Secrets and Lies — Letters of Life is his first published collection.