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A young girl, a horrible situation, a fantastic journey!

Journey with Nicole who is whisked away on the wings of her guardian angel, Angelica who takes her on a most unbelievable journey to a place prepared just for her. Nicole shows strength and stamina while family and friends fall apart. Their prayers may not have been answered but hers most certainly were. Travel with her as she meets a cast of characters along with those who have gone on before her who help her through her adventures in this wonderful new world. Join Nicole as she shows us the true art of dying. This fantastic journey will inspire you and give you a different perspective on the world we live in and the world beyond.


Book Excerpt

It was her fault. She picked this stupid path. She chose to shrug off the feeling something was wrong...Just another time she'd let someone down. "God...why didn't you help him? He loved you and believed in you..." she trailed off, feeling defeated, small, and abandoned.


About the Author

Susan Fries

I have been extremely blessed by a God who has given me more gifts than one person should have. I was drawn to writing as soon as I was able to read and write. A childhood Christmas gift, a play typewriter, was where I saw my thoughts in print and realized I was much better at writing things down than expressing myself vocally. Much of my writing has had spiritual or moral threads running through it because of my faith. If you’re a believer this book will give you chills. If not maybe you will find a bit of hope in between the lines as you realize dying is not the end of the road but truly the beginning. I hope this book inspires you as much as writing it has inspired me.