When A Woman Is In Love With God

A Woman That Loves God

by Darnelle Wilson


Book Details

2017 Best Book of the Year Finalist
CIPA EVVY First Place Award - Religion & Spirituality

When a woman loves God, she tries to please Him and do His will through daily studies of the Bible. When times are difficult, she stands on His Word and promises. Her love for Him gives her the strength to weather the storms of life. She has a safe place in the Word of God. When a woman loves God, her position in Him is anointed and appointed by God. She is bought with the precious blood of Jesus Christ. She is neither proud nor envious in her position, and pleases God as she walks in humility. God has placed her in a position to love others, even her enemies. He has given her everything she needs. Are YOU a woman who loves God? In times of trials and tribulations, when even friends and relatives have turned on you, your love for Him will sustain you. This inspirational book will encourage you to give God your unconditional love so that He will love you right into His Kingdom.


About the Author

Darnelle Wilson

Dr. Darnelle Wilson has worked in the women ministry for over 30 years and has taught many workshops on the work women have in the ministry for God. As a pastor’s wife and church leader, Dr. Wilson has been doing God’s work for many years. She is a woman who loves and puts God first in her life.



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