Wheel of Fate

Book 1

by Yvonne Pastolove


Book Details

Twins Nicolas and Madeleine, born 1836 in Paris, France, are separated at birth and grow up in wildly different surroundings: Nicolas with a poor but amazing wet nurse, Madeleine in the loving comfort of an upper-class family in the city of Rennes. What brings them together is, of all things, the Crimean War (1854/55). If you want to know how this happens and to what it leads - read the book!


About the Author

Yvonne Pastolove

I grew up in Zurich, Switzerland, speaking French at home but had to learn German in a hurry when I entered school. Many years later I met my husband-to-be while an exchange student in Boston and eventually moved to the US. Twenty years later I felt comfortable enough with the English language and wrote stories for children. Now that my time is my own, I enjoy the research and love writing novels set in the 19th century.



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