What to Charge

Pricing Strategies for Freelancers and Consultants

by Laurie Lewis


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Everything You Need to Know About Freelance Fees

Do your palms get sweaty when a prospective client asks, "How much do you want for this project?" Learn the techniques presented in WHAT TO CHARGE: PRICING STRATEGIES FOR FREELANCERS AND CONSULTANTS and you'll never panic again! WHAT TO CHARGE takes you through the processes of setting rates, assessing fees dictated by clients, and evaluating your pricing experiences. You'll learn how to dig for information before quoting a fee. You'll examine the pros and cons of different pricing methods. You'll discover the only two rules of pricing and why following them will guarantee you pricing success. You'll find out how to keep records that will enable you to maximize your profits on future projects. And you'll see how to analyze your income retroactively and to raise your rates with little effort. The techniques presented in WHAT TO CHARGE have stood the test of time, remaining valid through the recession that occurred since the first edition was published in 2000. In fact, because the book presents strategies, it will never go out of date. Whether you're just launching a freelance business or you have many years of consulting under your belt, WHAT TO CHARGE is for you.


About the Author

Laurie Lewis

Laurie Lewis has enjoyed life as a freelance medical writer and editor since 1985. Her freelance business has been so successful that she can live comfortably in New York, one of the most expensive cities in the country. The author has shared her expertise in editing and freelance fee-setting in workshops and presentations from coast to coast.



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