What's A Feis?

An Irish Dance Memoir

by Aisling O'Connor


Book Details

What in the world would I need a lot of money for?

Bridget and her mother, Aisling, had no idea what they were getting themselves into the day they met Molly and her mom on the front porch. Join their curious journey from Beginner to Senior Lady and beyond with adventures like The Little Leprechaun And The Feis Fights, The Prelim Push, and The Missing Points In The Bathtub. You may not understand the crazy world of Irish dance any more—maybe even a little less—but you will have a good laugh, a smile on your face, and a tear or two as you read the story, What’s A Feis?


About the Author

Aisling O'Connor

After almost twenty years in the Irish dance world, Aisling wrote What’s A Feis? as a gift to her daughter, Bridget, when she hung up her dance shoes from competition. But once Bridget read the story, she knew it needed to be shared. They hope it will inspire others to cherish their own memories as dancers and dreamers. The story does continue as Aisling has started to write her second book, Beyond The Feis!