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What If Wishes . . . Really Can Come True?

We ask ourselves if dreams can come true . . . but what if there’s another, even more wonderful question? What if the purest wishes of our hearts can come true? What if our dreams of love could awaken all the parts of ourselves to unite in joy? What if we could hear the song of the universe, inviting us all to join in harmony? This imaginative, inspiring book pairs lyrical prose with magical illustrations to ask how each of us can live in harmony with each other and the world . . . as part of the greatest love story ever told! Make a wish, and open your heart and soul to dream into a blossoming reality!


About the Author

Jodi Lynn Menard

Jodi Lynn Menard is a full-time artist and art instructor living in Salem, Oregon. Her artwork has been featured in more than twenty books and magazines in Canada, Australia, Germany, and the United States. Jodi delights in bringing things to life with her imagination and dreams. She is inspired by and co*creates with Nature through her writing, painting, glass-blowing, ceramics, dancing, singing, and photography. You can contact Jodi and follow along with her adventures on her website

About the Illustrator Ji Hyang Ryu is an artist living in New Brunswick, Canada. She began painting full time in 2019, teaching, drawing, and painting at her studio in Riverview. Ji is a member of the Moncton Art Society and Riverview Art Council. Her artwork has been purchased by the town of Riverview and displayed in the Moncton City Hall as part of a juried exhibition. Her artwork has also been featured on Global News and CBC Canada. You can contact Ji at and