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Coronavirus became a household vocabulary item in the spring of 2020. How would families learn to live in a changing world where “normal” is forever changed?

Our amazing world is experiencing a pandemic known as COVID-19, which began in early 2020. Our world was forever changed, and the new normal is still unknown. Hope and her parents are like everyone else who was thrust into this unknown. Days continued without change, and a very different existence emerged. Total isolation!!!!! Adults and children need ways to cope with this new and unfamiliar lifestyle. What Day Is It? Every Day Seems the Same is a story that helps bring structure and understanding to parents and their children who struggle with grasping the effects of COVID-19 on every life here on earth.


About the Author

Nancy Panasci

Nancy Panasci is the mother of three talented and successful daughters. This, she believes, is the most important accomplishment of her life so far. Nancy is a speech pathologist who has her own private practice in Englewood, Colorado. She has spent her career surrounding herself with preschool and school-age children who need assistance in communicating effectively with peers and family. Nancy has been active in her community as a volunteer for many organizations and loves surrounding herself with family and friends. She believes What Day Is It? Every Day Seems the Same will encourage her to author additional children’s books.