Weathering the Storms of Life

by Wright Garner


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P.H.D Personal Human Development

When you stand at Death’s Door and God gives you a second chance at life. It becomes a pivotal point in one’s life and gives you a different perspective of God and Self.


Book Excerpt

Life has it's twist and turns, it's mountains and it's valleys and one may come to a place in life where all you have is Faith and Prayer to hold on too. But what seems to impede your life, may be the first step in discovering the True God Self within as he prepares you to reach heights that only God can share with you as Your Appointed Hour sheds the old and prepares you for the Truth of God and Self.


About the Author

Wright Garner

The author was born in Shreveport, Louisiana in 1946. As a child he spent every summer and weekends on his grandfather’s farm. He grew up in the era of yes sir and no mam, a time when everyone had respect for each other. In 1954 he and his mother moved to LA, to live with her brother. At the tender age of 12 he gave his life to Christ. As he got older, he felt that there was more to God then what he had been told. In his spirit he began to question what was being taught in the church. He attended Theology School, where he preached a sermon entitled “The Learned Knowledge is Plentiful, but the seekers are few.” He has spent much of his life trying to quench his thirst for the truth of God and Self. On April 10, 2012 his search came full circle as he stood at death’s door. God blessed him to survive this experience, yet even today he still suffers from it. Yet! This moment brought him to his appointed hour in life and he spends his days sharing God’s message with “Those Who Have Ears to Listen.”