Verse for the Day

More than just another daily devotional!

by Lincoln S. Kokaram


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An Active Devotional-Personal Evidence of The Holy Spirit.

"My dear friend Lincoln Kokaram has written this daily devotional guide to help us follow Jesus more closely. Lincoln's love for the Lord Jesus is poured out every day by calling us to remember from Scripture God's blessings, the opportunities to be used in His service, and the joy of daily forgiveness of our sins through the atoning work of Jesus on the cross. Don't miss a day following such a practical guide; your life will never be the same!" Dr. Jim Bland, Coordinator Mission to North America Presbyterian Church in America "Lincoln Kokaram LIVES the truths he writes about in this book. That's why they are packed with power and ring so authentically in our experience. Lincoln does not traffic in unlived truth! In a few short lines , he 'breaks down' the core of the Verse for the Day, and then leaves us with provocative questions and the start of an action plan to focus on. These pages are so good, I bet you can't limit yourself to just one a day ... so go ahead and splurge!" Dan Hayes, Founder and Executive Director­ Atlanta Community Ministries (ACM) "Lincoln has put in this book what has been an email blessing to thousands for years. Much like our lives, the "Verse for the Day" book surprises us each day with a different verse followed by Lincoln's insight prompted by the Holy Spirit. Get it and let it be a lamp to your feet and a light to your path!' Hebrews 4: 12 Matthew J. Howard, JD, LL.M. - Partner Moore Ingram Johnson & Steele, LLP "I know this book will be a blessing to anyone who receives it. I am blessed every day by the Verse For The Day. It has comforted, strengthened, encouraged and uplifted me. Some days it seems as if it was written ·ust for me because of what was going on in my life. It has drawn me c /oser to God--! now rely on His Word more and less on my own understanding. Great job, Lincoln." Tara Lalgee - Retired School Principal "I really enjoy the succinct nature of Verse for the Day. It only takes a moment to read but the verse and related thought remains with me throughout the day. Verse for the Day has had a powerful impact on the way I see and live my day. Thank you Lincoln!' Scott Hearn - Sr. Pastor - Grayson United Methodist Church "Lincoln Kokaram writes from the perspectives of a mature Christian, long-term student of the Bible, skilled teacher, and experienced businessman. His insight on the Scriptures will be helpful to all who read this book." L. Roy Taylor, Stated Clerk - Presbyterian Church in America


About the Author

Lincoln S. Kokaram

Lincoln S. Kokaram was born in the twin islands country – Trinidad and Tobago. He is the founder of His Business Partners LLC; a training and consulting company with a mission of: ‘Helping as many people as possible to be the best they were designed to be.’ He has been teaching, training, coaching and sharing the Gospel, most of his adult life. Some of his writings and workshops are: ‘Designed for Success, God does not make junk! ….with P.A.S.S.I.O.N.©; Vanguard Leaders; Capitalizing on Change; Memorable Presentations. He is certified in: The Birkman Personality Assessment; Social & Emotional Intelligence; DISC; InsideOut Coaching and several Franklin Covey workshops. He has conducted training seminars and workshops in 37 countries. He is a ‘Learnovator’. He lives in Grayson, GA with his wife Vilma. He has 5 children and 6 grandchildren. He enjoys a round of golf when he is able to fit it in to his schedule. Lincoln is an active Christian with a passion for serving the Lord.