Dine Fine, Forget Frugal

A Wholesome Approach To Fine Food

by Chef Jonathan "Keoni" Ho


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Food…Everyone’s First Love

Frugal cooking, imitation ingredients, or family meals in a few minutes...appropriate for some, but not for me. A delicious dish crafted with natural ingredients, time, and technique will win their hearts (and stomachs) every time. If you want to impress your family, friends, and guests with wholesome and unique dishes you’ll love this cookbook! With today’s Internet, it seems a shame not to take advantage of fast shipping from distant markets and vast access to new, exotic ingredients rife for the picking. These far-away foods may be a bit pricier than something you can pick up at the corner store, but getting hold of these delectable morsels is well worth the effort. The recipes in this cookbook aren’t fast and frugal, but they are works of culinary art you’ll be glad you got your hands on. Life is too short to deprive yourself and your loved ones of a little wholesome indulgence…You deserve it!


About the Author

Chef Jonathan "Keoni" Ho

I’ve experienced cuisines from all over America and enjoyed local favorites in big cities and small towns, from Hawaii and Alaska to Texas and New England. I’ve committed my career to celebrating the US culinary melting pot, the union of world cuisines that define modern American fare. I believe in cooking with a no-holds-barred approach to ingredients and a passion for diversity. My food offers unexpected flavors, naturally vibrant colors, and a new taste experience with every dish.

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