Cold Warrior

Memoirs From The Midwatch

by Greg Johns


Book Details

Upwards of 20 million Americans served in the military during the Cold War. Few of those have been lauded, honored or even remembered. One of these unsung Cold Warriors stands his watch from midnight to six in the morning on a nuclear powered ballistic missile submarine. As he fights against boredom and weariness, he reflects back on how he got here and his experiences in Vietnam. All this is intermingled with the very serious business of being in charge of one of the country’s most lethal deterrents, trying to keep the Cold War from becoming hot.


About the Author

Greg Johns

Greg Johns was a Cold Warrior having served as a Naval officer from 1970 to 1975. He had tours of duty with the Brown Water Navy and Naval Advisory Group in Vietnam and later served on a nuclear powered ballistic missile submarine. The incidents and experiences in this book are fictional but are based on some of his own experiences.