Property Management Systems

From A to Z

by Dick Jonilonis


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The author creates what he believes is a needed systems extension to property management education utilizing his diverse but associated background prior to his work with property management systems. His observations are very pertinent to California property managers but also applicable to other property managers and owner/operators in other states, especially those that are under state and regional mandates and government review. His experience with multiple systems and hundreds of fee property managers and owner/operators since the 1980’s traces the evolution of property management systems and their most important features. He identifies the importance of due diligence in the evaluation and selection of a system plus the major issues that require serious consideration. He also identifies the necessity of increasing support and in some cases the replacement of traditional operations with newer systems, features and innovations. He introduces observations and recommendations re: the use of current systems in not only the traditional operations such as accounting, but also marketing, maintenance, niche management, the Internet, contracts and records, systems security, risk management, government entities, and systems management. He provides personal experience and a number of “horror stories” at a company level to share with his readers as a means to avoid the disasters that some property managers have barely survived. He has much to share and readers have much to benefit from his observations and recommendations.


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Observations on site with so many of our clients have shown that the advanced features have not been implemented and in many cases at this time management and staff are not aware of, or do not remember their existence. Most often staff is to involved and too busy to take up the process of investigating and implementing on their own and too often similar circumstances seem to apply with management. Mean-while one of the solutions to the ”too busy” issue is left in limbo. Advanced features often provide the benefits of less labor and/ or growth with no increase in costs or administration.. So why would you not promote their implementation and use? Most advanced features are well worth remembering.


About the Author

Dick Jonilonis

Dick Jonilonis has a unique background including IBM Corporation - Chicago & San Diego, San Diego bank/ corporate management of systems programming and analysis, property management, and investment property sales and exchanging prior to beginning his 3 decades of property management systems activities. He graduated from San Diego State University with majors in Business Management and Industrial Psychology with 176 Units. He has a community college business systems teaching credential and has taught classes and presented seminars for multiple companies, trade associations and college classes. He has also authored a number of articles on property management systems in both national and regional magazines.