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Charles Stone, Boston investigative lawyer and sculptor, takes on the case of a personal friend and recent widow. She’s battling an unscrupulous business partner and is desperately trying to save the company, Unitreq from financial collapse. Stone becomes involved in military industrial espionage, several murders and a bounty hunt that takes him and his sidekick Army Special Forces Sergeant, Bo Jackson, on a chase through the Maritime Provinces of Canada, as well as Ireland and Europe. Stone receives much needed assistance from his law partners and Franklin Life Insurance Company’s security team, a little known Department of Defense agency known as DARPA, and Interpol. The use of combined forces helps bring an end to several diabolical plots. The rapid pace and changing scenes once again employ the dual genre of travel and mystery and will inform and thrill the reader.


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Sam Torkilson entered the testing room after inserting his card the security code. The only personnel left to have access, now that Phil Barker was out of the picture, were he and two project engineers with top secret clearance. Gathering information for his contacts in North Korea and Iran should be now easier, but a fax from Raytheon telling of providing their own onsite inspector could prove complicated. He photocopied the latest testing results along with the schematics of some major components. This would be sent out tonight and possibly be all the information needed before the Raytheon man showed up.


About the Author

Charles L. Fields

Charles L. Fields grew up surrounded by the seaside beauty of Rockport, Massachusetts and the artists who attempted to depict it. His varied and bizarre careers went from banana boat engineer to lobster dealer to chicken hatchery manager and include being an author, poet, sculptor and world traveler. These lifetime experiences enriched his published memoir, Many Lands Many Hearts and add realism and depth to his fictional writing. He is married and divides his time between Massachusetts and Arizona. This book follows Sentimental Me, Canyons of the Soul and Broken Spirit in the Charles Stone travel mystery series.

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