Silent Fortune

Episode 1 ~ The Lion's Dream

by Janet Carafa


Book Details


Fortune the Mime lives in the clouds in a place called Silent Land. It is where all Mimes live, high in the sky. In Silent Land, Mimes express themselves with motion in the most glorious, far reaching and colorful way. Every motion a Mime makes creates splashes of breathtaking colors in the sky making each moment a beautiful work of art… … always in complete silence. But Fortune wants more… she wants to sing out loud! There has never been a singing Mime. It is impossible! Fortune leaves Silent Land and falls to the noisy world below to search for her voice and bash the sound barrier! Along the way she meets a very loud Lion with a dream. And together, these mismatched pals venture beyond their barriers…


About the Author

Janet Carafa

Author Janet Carafa is a professional Mime Artist and Choreographer, a BikramYoga Instructor, and owner/creator of the Event Production Company Her different hats make life very exciting and full of creativity and inspiration for writing “Silent Fortune” the book series. The series “Silent Fortune” is inspired by her unique experiences as a Mime Artist performing and teaching throughout the world and her in-depth exploration of the magic of silence and intuition in a noisy fast paced world.