Wild Birding Colorado

The Big Year of 2010

by Cole Wild & Nicholas Komar


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Wild Birding Colorado The Big Year of 2010

Wild Birding Colorado The Big Year of 2010
provides the thrilling account of Cole Wild’s amazing feat of establishing the record for most Colorado bird species seen in one year, a Colorado BIG YEAR. The text is a treasure trove of birding tips for where and when to find some of the state’s most elusive species, such as Boreal Owl and Black Swift. One chapter recounts the discovery near Denver of a Ross's Gull, which attracted thousands of birders from around the country. Photos of some of the rarer finds and the complete checklist are included (color photos and checklists by month can be viewed on separate websites.) This book is a must read for anyone interested in birds and birding in Colorado, and for birders everywhere, experts and novices alike.

“This is a book by a competitive birder for competitive birders, and anyone interested in the making of the new Big Year record for Colorado will devour every page of it.” MARK OBMASCIK, Author of The Big Year: A Tale of Man, Nature, and Fowl Obsession


About the Author

Cole Wild & Nicholas Komar

COLE WILD (right), a native of Loveland, Colorado, offers an insider’s view of the exclusive world of competitive birdwatching in Colorado, one of America’s most biodiverse states with almost 500 bird species on the official state checklist. NICHOLAS KOMAR, of Fort Collins, Colorado, has been birding for more than 35 years. His in-depth knowledge of Colorado birds is pervasive throughout the book. Nick is a professional ornithologist and biologist with more than 100 scientific publications, and science degrees from the University of Massachusetts and Harvard University.