Penelope's World Famous Cookies

by Denise Gadson


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About the Book
School is out and summer vacation has just begun for Penelope and her friends. Penelope thinks she is doomed for another boring summer until she gets an idea to start a business. Reggie, Penelope’s older brother, thinks her idea is silly because she is “just a little kid” and the competition is tough. With the help of her parents, Penelope prepares to sell her famous double nut fudge chocolate chip cookies. Can Penelope prove her brother wrong and have an amazing summer?


About the Author

Denise Gadson

Denise Gadson is a native of Saint George, located in the beautiful low country of South Carolina. She is a graduate of Clemson University. Denise created the character Penelope to introduce principles of entrepreneurship to young readers in a fun, educational way. Denise currently resides in Dorchester, South Carolina. She is married with a son and a daughter. Denise can be contacted at