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This Owl Gives ‘Bird Brain’ a Whole New Meaning

Otis isn’t your ordinary owl. For one thing, he’s got high musical tastes—Bach, Mozart, Chopin. And human language? Mastered it. But after flying the coop from an animal rehabilitation lab, Otis undertakes his biggest challenge yet: discovering his long-lost family.

It’s a task that will set in motion a massive animal pursuit all over Otsego County, New York State, as once sworn food-chain enemies join forces to help the charismatic owl discover his roots. Meet Pee Wee, the little field mouse with a big heart who organizes his brethren to scour every barn for Otis’ family; and Mary, a fellow owl who could hold the key to what really happened that day Otis was left an orphan. Through it all, this brainy bird learns the value of having friends in low places, while showing the high-flying leadership qualities that soon make him an inter-species legend.

Join Otis on his journey to seek out his mom, dad, brother and sister in this spirited look into an animal kingdom off-limits to us humans—until now.


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In the State of New York, located between the Catskill Mountains and the Adirondack Mountains, sits a small villageby the name of East Worcester.


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Joseph N Chappelle

Author Joseph N. Chappelle plays cello for the Albany Area Senior Orchestra. A retired social worker, he has served with the Peace Corps in Namibia and with Habitat for Humanity as an International Partner in Malawi. He is also a Karuna Reiki® Master.

Otis - The Baby Great Horned Owl with Mr. Chappelle

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