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King Yeshua and Queen Mariam

She stood at the foot of the cross when all the others fled in fear. Who was this mysterious woman named Mary Magdalene? Was she wife, lover, disciple, or prostitute? You will laugh and cry when you read one of the sweetest love stories ever written about the untold and forgotten story of a human Jesus and his family. Mary Magdalene's importance is only now being uncovered. She was branded as a whore-but scholars agree that there is no scriptural evidence to support this. The significance of this one woman may change history for all women. Mary Magdalene was the woman that Jesus loved above all others. He defended her against those who spoke out against her. He loved her so much that he raised her brother from the dead. In his glory - she was transformed.

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A Royal Love-story.

"This is the tenderest, sweetest, most beautiful love-story I've ever read. To those who would implore: "But it's not biblical!" I would reply simply: "It doesn't pretend to be." Read it with an open mind and remember that one of the great mysteries is that our Lord was as fully human as He was fully God. This deeply touching love-story of our Lord and the woman He chose to be His bride will make you weep - it did me".


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"When Miriam first arrived she stood nervously behind her mother and father, alongside Martha and her husband. Her brother Simon had instantly left them to talk with Yeshua's other brothers who were sitting in the outer courtyard. Simon seemed to have a knack for stirring up things but he was a good man who had great passion and a strong personality. He was exactly like his father Syrus and would one day become a leader among men. As she stood there behind her father and mother, Miriam clenched her hands nervously. She knew that once she moved, and was not hidden behind her father's wide shoulders, those beautiful, intense eyes would be watching her. The familiar butterflies rose in her belly as she searched for Yeshua and found him instantly standing beside his mother, Mary. How respectful he stood beside her waiting patiently for them to begin discussing the arrangements for their marriage contract. Miriam could not help but look at him. He was indeed the most handsome, the most beautiful, man she had ever seen."


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C. A. Thomas

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C. A. Thomas is an author who believes that writing is a gift to enrapture your mind and to inspire your soul. Spirituality and creativity should be important in everyone's life. When we are inspired, we breathe in the essence of the Universe. When we help others in any way, we have found our purpose in life. Love is all that matters, it creates the Universes, and it is the true nature of our Soul, our consciousness, and our heart.

Love is the force that connects life with death, and death with life. Yeshua (beloved of our hearts) overcame death. The true nature of his teachings was, inherently, to teach individuals how to love self and others, to be compassionate and kind, and to learn how to balance both the light and darkness within us. The mysteries of life and death transform us to integrate our lower nature with our higher self and to merge at the center of the heart. 

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