The Private Detective Handbook

Learn to be a PI

by Bart Mitcham


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How to get started in one of the most exciting careers in America

f you love to read a good mystery book, own a big collection of mystery DVDs, or watch all of the detective shows and movies you can, you are a good candidate to be come a private detective. This book will give you the information you need to know about the PI field. You will learn: • Surveillance. • Interviewing techniques. • Undercover work. • Law and ethics. • Courts and testifying. • And much more. This book will direct you to the proper licenses required, and is used as a text book for the Georgia Private Detective license by Action Detective Agency Training Division (PDC002529 CRFT001090) This book references Georgia law, but is similar and applicable to many other states.


About the Author

Bart Mitcham

Bart Mitcham, is a retired Naval Intelligence Officer and law school graduate. He has worked in many areas of investigation and intelligence including interrogation and security assessment. He is a licensed private detective in Georgia and owns and operates Action Detective Agency (PDC002529) Mitcham is also a licensed classroom and firearms instructor who has trained many new private detectives.

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