Inspirational Treasures

Getting in Tune with Self

by Ms B


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Adding years to your life through reading

This inspirational book is about today’s world and all its concerns. This book outlines everyday issues like; suicide, sickness, sex, friendship, and drugs which are destroying people of all ages. I have collaborated my writing with bible verses in hope of leading others on the right path to having a blessed and fulfilling life. Knowing firsthand about some of the topics within my book, I would like others to know they are not alone. GOD is able and willing to see us through. I believe my writing will bring insight to how people are treated and how they should be treated. I also believe that if GOD allowed us to be born, he has a plan for our life. This book will help us get in tune with self while transforming our mind, attitude, and thought process. After the change, we will be renewed and feel like a new being ready to see the world in a whole new way.


About the Author

Ms B

I have experienced some of the things I write about. We all make mistakes. There are chances for us to get it right. My name is Barbara Henderson. I reside in Baton Rouge, La where I am a Clinical Service Representative. I have a Bachelor of Science in Psychology Degree and over a year experience as a crisis and suicide phone counselor. I enjoy meeting new people and eating Louisiana’s fine cuisine.