Looking Back on Tomorrow

by Mitch Engel


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A star-crossed romantic journey across a century of turmoil

Experience the century-long sagas of two remarkable families on either side of the Atlantic, whose roots trace back to Vienna before the outbreak of World War I. Can true love survive the indignities of wars, prison camps, family tragedies, and even the separation of an iron curtain? In Looking Back on Tomorrow, we find the answer is yes—but in totally unexpected ways.


About the Author

Mitch Engel

Mitch Engel’s stories weave contemporary themes with timeless human values. His previous novels, Deadly Virtues, Noble Windmills, Crimes of Arrogance, and The Senator’s Suitcase, are widely available. After heading one of the country’s largest ad agencies at age 36, Engel later became a senior executive with a Fortune 500 company. He and his wife split time between Ocean Ridge, Florida, and Lake Forest, Illinois.

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