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A Young Boy’s Powerful Declaration of His Faith and Purpose in Life

As a response to a school writing prompt, Timmy professes his desire to become a beacon of faith for those who will follow him. Several months after writing his “Wish,” Timmy is diagnosed with a brain tumor, sending him on a journey through the ravages of pediatric cancer surgery and treatment while he continues to live out his life’s purpose. Timmy’s Wish is told through the lens of his older brother, who chronicles Timmy’s amazing life and their relationship with each other and their family as they battle this disease together. The family must now deal with the realities of life, death, grief, and resilience while also battling challenges to their faith, as prayer has failed to bring them the answers they seek.

In recognition of the many families and individuals who are faced with similar challenges, the book offers resources for family care services and options for handling the grief that inevitably comes with this traumatic experience. Timmy’s Wish is the moving true story of how one life and one wish inspire Timmy’s brother, his family, and a community—and continue to do so through his lessons from heaven.


About the Author

Richard Kirk

Richard Kirk is a retired educator. After serving nearly forty years as a teacher, coach, and school administrator, he has returned to the classroom and currently serves as an Adjunct Instructor of Education at Brookdale Community College in New Jersey. He also coaches high school basketball. Richard is married to Cynthia, herself a first-grade teacher. They have two daughters, Sarah and Shannon. They live in Spring Lake Heights, New Jersey.

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