My Boss is a Bitch_eBook

Changing the Paradigm of Female Leadership

by Marcy Moriconi


My Boss is a Bitch_eBook

Changing the Paradigm of Female Leadership

by Marcy Moriconi

Published Sep 08, 2023
207 Pages
Genre: BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Personal Success


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Changing the paradigm of female leadership


If you are one of the countless people who have said or heard, “My boss is a bitch,” this book is for you.

Women in the workplace have made tremendous strides in this millennium, but sadly, toxic femininity continues to compromise our professional relationships, our potential for career advancement, and our emotional well-being. It’s time to redefine female leadership to align with the world we live in today and with women’s innate values and strengths.

This book chronicles Marcy Moriconi’s decades of work with archetypal female bosses, both difficult and inspiring, from the Poseur and the Last Bitch Standing to the Badass and the Steel Tiger. This book teaches women of all ages, but especially those who are newer to the workplace, the lessons that she learned along the way, including:

• how to be your authentic self
• how to find your innate superpower
• how to listen to your gut
• how to embrace healthy conflict

You’ll emerge from this journey with a stronger sense of self and specific tools you can use daily to navigate the complicated landscape of female leadership, and, above all, a deep understanding of how to be the kind of woman everyone wants to have as a boss.


About the Author

Marcy Moriconi

Marcy Moriconi is a global marketing executive who has been building brands and breakthrough advertising campaigns for over three decades in the U.S. and Italy. She has worked for global companies in fashion, technology, food, and healthcare. Marcy has built numerous in-house brand and content teams leveraging her ability to connect people and ideas and knowing what consumers want. Her passion is mentoring young people to help them find their innate superpowers and become the leaders they want to be. Marcy grew up in Berkeley, California and lives between the Bay Area and Italy.

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