The Listener

DNA Designed to Kill

by Ana Montgomery


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Deliciously dark, twisted fate disguised as a beautiful woman.

Masterfully, Heather balances the sweet seduction of revenge and justice. Who would have thought that the two could seamlessly coexist together? What started out as revenge has manifested into a craving for the metallic taste of vigilante war. Luring her victims with a seductive dance of lust to trust, she will methodically convince you that what she’s doing is right, because in her mind, it is. Enjoying the benefits of being the wife of a cop in one of the most challenging police departments in Los Angeles, her confidence rises. She is the least suspected in a ring of murders that’s been terrorizing the city for months. The voices in her head terrorize her more than the fear of getting caught. Nightly, fear-driven messages from her victims fall on listening ears as debilitating insomnia plagues her. In an act of ultimate betrayal, a copycat killer emerges from the darkness, exposing it for what it is. With a diary-documented confession, her next move will send emotionally charged shockwaves to the darkest corners of your psyche. It’s dark, it’s disturbing, it’s designer DNA.


About the Author

Ana Montgomery

Ana was born on the East Coast and now spends her time between California and Mexico. She spent more than twenty years of her life working tirelessly in the medical field before following her dreams of becoming a writer. She has been credited with many honors, a few being an award winning author, screenwriter, and producer. Her unique style of writing has been captured in multiple genres including horror, psychological thrillers, comedy and romance.

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