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Is there any religion that is higher than truth?

One fundamental erroneous belief can lead a person astray. The Bible is often read and interpreted literally. Such an approach is at odds with parables, a literary structure that uses symbols to communicate mysteries about heaven. A literal interpretation of the scriptures in the Bible can lead some to interpret Biblical symbols superficially. They may see the veils that cover the truth and consider them the ultimate presentation of truth. Symbols are used widely in the scriptures. They are analogies between spiritual realities and the physical, concrete world. Paul told us, “the letter killeth.” He also warned us about the veil over Moses’s face in the reading of the Old Testament. Do we take heed of his warnings? We surely deceive ourselves if we interpret the Old and New Testaments by the letters, taking the veil as truth.

This book is about spirituality, focusing on Christian scriptures in the Bible. Many will find ideas and writings in the book are not what Christians usually hear or read. Those familiar with the Christian Bible and open-minded will find the book informative but entirely different from their concept of Christianity, the origin of humanity, the saving blood of Christ, etc. However, anyone can read and understand what is written in the book, even if that person has never read the Christian Bible before, because it was written for everybody, whether the reader is religious or not.


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The Divinely Sinful Saints by ITOTKO is a product of over 40 years of study and research in metaphysics, religions, and spirituality. The book is an expanded and revised version of Truthful Misconceptions by the same author but with a different name. In these books, he shares his knowledge and insight with those who would like to gain a deeper spiritual understanding of the scriptures in the Bible.

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