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A fresh, new beginning may be eclipsed by tragedy and dark family secrets in Where the Heart Is, a captivating story about friendship, loss, reconciliation, and love.

Jenna Davis-Wilson and her two lively children have returned to the nostalgic home of her childhood in Madison County, Nebraska. This spontaneous decision to take up permanent residency at the old Victorian manor following her father’s sudden death ushers in a myriad of unexpected twists and turns. Jenna’s husband, Marcus, a well-respected obstetrician in New York, also relocates to smalltown Tilden, where tensions mount with a longtime family friend and her opinionated, prejudicial tirades. The discovery of a dark family secret—locked away for decades in an old attic trunk—threatens to overshadow a highly esteemed ancestral image and brings into question everything that Jenna believes about her cherished legacy.


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D. L. Norris

D.L. Norris is a notable author and motivational speaker who has written numerous short stories and articles on health, emotional wellness, family, and cultural history. Norris’s novels, The Long Way Home and Where the Heart Is, capture in colorful, humorous style the actual events and cultural mindsets of her beloved Scandinavian family and personal life experiences. She and her husband, Quincy, make their home in beautiful Hartford, Connecticut.

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