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Eddy's killed his old heart, and now he's searching to fill the void....

In Trout Love, the third and last novel in the Eddy Trout Series (Trout Kill and Trout Love), Eddy’s tormented past still pursues him. There’s the sheriff who thinks Eddy’s a murderer; Doris, who holds keys to his past; and Felice, whose troubled past mirrors his own. Set along the rugged coastline of Oregon, Trout Love is the story of a man seeking a new beginning, reconnecting to his children and finding greater happiness.


About the Author

Paul Allen Dage

A former high school English teacher and Vietnam vet, Paul Allen Dage lives on the McKenzie River in Oregon with his beautiful wife, Debra, an artist. He is the author of several works of fiction, and is currently at work on his fourth novel.

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