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[Ivy Grant] believed in the supreme worth of the individual and his (her) right to an education that would allow for the development of the full potential of the individual. So many of us benefitted from that belief and we are grateful.
[Irene Walter]

Camperdown is no longer just a school, but an incubator – a social innovation centre that is tapping into the human resources of East Kingston to shape, unearth, and unleash its best potential so it can achieve its best outcome.
[Saffrey Brown]

If we are going to transform this rock we call Jamaica, and our heritage, we must continuously celebrate Mrs. Ivy Grant as one of the founding parents of Jamaica . . . Mrs. Grant was charting new paths at a time when only a few women could rise to leadership positions in Jamaica.
[Hon. Earl Jarrett, O. J., C. D., J. P.]


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Basil K. Bryan

Ambassador Dr. Basil K. Bryan was Jamaica’s Consul General to New York (1998 – 2007) and Deputy Chief of Mission in the Embassy of Jamaica in Washington, DC (1991 – 1998). Author, diplomat and academic, Dr. Bryan has received numerous awards from organizations throughout the United States as well as the US Congress. In 2021 the New York Carib News listed him among the 100 most influential Jamaicans in the United States. He received Jamaica’s Order of Distinction in 2002. He holds a PhD in African Studies, Economic Development and International Relations, and has lectured at Howard University and the University of the District of Columbia. Ambassador Bryan is a graduate of Camperdown High School.

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