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Savor the musings of an explorer of the depths in search of meaning, identity, understanding, and connection.

The author of the stunning memoir, Moments in Flight, returns with WOLF WOMAN, a curated collection of 50 poems written over 50 years. Jo-Ann Vega’s perspective is fresh, provocative, inspirational, and captivating. Each word portrait draws readers into a powerful connection between the author’s thoughts, feelings, and words. The collection’s distinctive organization groups poems by life stage and includes a brief preview of each section. Influenced by Sylvia Plath, Vega writes about being a woman of substance in a world still largely hostile to women’s talents and ambitions.

“What was I to do? I wasn’t like the women I knew or worked with…caregiving was not a natural strength or primary source of identity…I had to venture beyond traditional boundaries of gender and culture. It is always going to be a challenging journey for an independent woman with perspective who happens to be gay…I hope my musings provide some nourishment to you on your continuing journey toward wholeness and integrity... Awake to the life-affirming possibilities within waiting to be discovered.”
Special features: WOLF WOMAN is a companion book to Moments in Flight*
the poems are organized to illustrate Vega's awareness of self and movement through challenges and phases of the life cycle.

Part 1: becoming/discovery, rites of passage
Part 2: unfurling my wings, taking risks 
Part 3: awakenings, cronehood



Book Excerpt

Wolf Woman

I summon the wolf woman into my dreams,
seeking, guidance, clues, and time.
Consequential choices lie ahead.
I pray I have the courage to make those
that respond to my deepest longngs for 
freedom, creativity, and connection,
knowing I am still parched from my
long exile in the desert.

The spirit of the wolf woman
taunts me to break out of the cage of relationship...

continued on page 50 of Wolf Woman & Other Poems


5-star review:     ...mesmerizing collection...highly recommended to poetry lovers.

4-star review:   

Celebrating a lifetime of creation and perpetual growth...a poetic memoir that hums with ongoing curiosity...powerful and deeply personal peices...well-curated collection.


About the Author

Jo-Ann Vega

JO-ANN VEGA is a dynamic speaker with 30 years of experience presenting to academic, business, and community groups. An always aspiring wolf woman and devotee of journaling, Jo-Ann lives with her life partner and canine companion.

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