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Savor the musings of an explorer of the depths in search of meaning, identity, understanding, and connection.

Readers Favorite Five Star AwardThe author of Moments in Flight: A Memoir, returns with WOLF WOMAN, a curated collection of 50 poems written over 50 years. WOLF WOMAN cuts right to the heart of the author's deepest thoughts and feelings. The poems are thought provoking. Are we brave enough to take risks to be our true self? How do we find true happiness and the life balance we seek?

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Celebrating a lifetime of creation and perpetual growth, Wolf Woman and Other Poems… is a poetic memoir that hums with ongoing curiosity…powerful and deeply personal pieces throughout this well-curated collection. 
Self-Publishing Review- 4-stars  Four Stars

…a mesmerizing collection …Highly recommended to poetry lovers. 
Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews- 5 stars 5 stars
…an incredible job of portraying her emotions through poetry… a perfect blend of love, loss, grief, and moving on.
Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews - 4 stars  Four Stars

…a beautifully written…collection of brilliantly bold and emotionally resonant poems…every woman will see parts of herself in Vega’s poems.
Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews- 5 stars  Five Stars

… a moving testament to her gift for illuminating and confronting human emotions in their simplest form…goes forward courageously and writes with such intensity and honesty…emerges as a writer with great stories and talent to share with others.

The anthology’s distinctive organization groups poems by life stage and includes a preview of each section.

Part 1: becoming/discovery, rites of passage
Part 2: unfurling my wings, taking risks 
Part 3: awakenings, cronehood



Book Excerpt

Wolf Woman

I summon the wolf woman into my dreams,
seeking, guidance, clues, and time.
Consequential choices lie ahead.
I pray I have the courage to make those
that respond to my deepest longngs for 
freedom, creativity, and connection,
knowing I am still parched from my
long exile in the desert.

The spirit of the wolf woman
taunts me to break out of the cage of relationship...

continued on page 50 of Wolf Woman & Other Poems


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About the Author

Jo-Ann Vega

JO-ANN VEGA is a dynamic speaker with 30 years of experience presenting to academic, business, and community groups. An always aspiring wolf woman and devotee of journaling, Jo-Ann lives with her life partner and canine companion.

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