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When a young Irish nun, a surgical nurse is assigned to work in Africa with a Swiss/Italian doctor, a widower, emotional sparks fly. Born in a Gaelic village in the West of Ireland, Anya, a precocious and bright child, escapes from an alcoholic and abusive father, by joining an order of nuns. “I saw you like a beautiful bird wanting to fly but having its wings clipped” admitted her mother. Falling in love and feeling the world had left her behind, she makes a soul wrenching decision. Overcoming tragedy and crises during five years of World War II, but supported by loving relationships, her spirit is finally set free. Against all odds she achieves the highest nursing position in England. Anya finally becomes the woman she was meant to be.


About the Author

Michael Barrington

Michael Barrington, from Manchester, England, currently lives near San Francisco, California with his wife, Annie who is a painter. For ten years he worked as a missionary in Africa. “The Bishop Wears No Drawers” (2015) is a memoir of that time. His novel “Let the Peacock Sing” (2020) received excellent reviews in the USA and UK. He is currently writing a spy thriller. A regular contributor to “Alive East Bay” magazine, his articles can be found on his web site, together with his blog.

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