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If even Angels dissent, can Heaven truly be perfect?

Following the events of Heavens End, Judy has narrowly managed to save her lost son but may have sacrificed her closest ally in the process. Now alone and lost on a trail that has gone completely cold, she second guesses her rash decision to chase after her recently abducted daughter. With the Nephilim hunting her down, and zombie hordes now closing in, she finds herself in dire need of aid. Lucky for her, a chance encounter with a pair of unlikely acquaintances seems too good to be true, but for where she’s headed it still may not be enough. Finding temporary solace in a thriving human sanctuary she discovers her kind have found more than one way to survive the Nephilim onslaught, and when she finds out how, it nearly costs Judy her life.

Rejected by God and betrayed by her own kind, Judy now languishes in defeat with death grinning at her doorstep. Though all seems lost, she’s offered one last chance to save her children and maybe even some of humanity itself. As Judy’s life ebbs away, a desperate plan to gain allies thrusts her and John into dangerous quests that risks his life, as well as Judy’s eternal soul. While John confronts his greatest threat from those he once enjoyed as friends, Judy is cast into the gates of hell, and faces down a powerful old adversary. But even if they both succeed, there’s one more enemy who stands in their way, and this one cannot be defeated.


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Roger Wilco

Roger Wilco is an Air Force Veteran who survived 15 years of active duty and a deployment to Afghanistan. During the last ten years he’s worked as a Physician Assistant near Boston while spending all of his free time writing down the dreams that have fascinated him since his youth.

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