A Time To Cast Away Stones

by Denes McIntosh


Book Details

A Story About Choices. A Story About Change.

We all have our own private Nazareth of one kind or another; a time or place in our lives when we find ourselves to be stuck, conditioned to a certain way of thinking, being, believing; painted in a corner, unable to extricate ourselves from ourselves, or from the people and circumstances intent on dragging us down, capturing our spirit, and robbing us of the freedom to live full, productive, and satisfying lives. A very personal glimpse into a collapsing relationship; its patterns, its flaws, its failures, and its strengths.


About the Author

Denes McIntosh

This is Denes’ seventh published book, and his third novel. Living now in Baja, Mexico, life is allowing him time for contemplative thought, writing, and songwriting, without the stress and distraction of the workaday world that so many of us have (by necessity) become accustomed to along the way. Denes’ appreciation for life, and the beauty of nature, as well as his understanding of the human condition, is evident in much, if not most, of his writing.

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