Father's Day

Part II - The Secret of La Sangre

by Gary Kyriazi


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It’s one year later, Father’s Day Eve, 1985, and two bodies lie at the bottom of the cliffs of La Sangre, California. What is wrong with that town? A would-be investigative reporter is determined to find out.


“Gary Kyriazi presents a complex and richly layered tale of small town passions and religious zealotry in his engaging novel, Father’s Day....The author is skilled at creating three-dimensional characters with compelling backstories....sudden story swings and rapidly changing points of view keep the narrative moving along rapidly, and the novel finishes with a surprise finale....” —BlueInk Review

“Coincidence, Christianity, and the past collide in Gary Kyriazi’s introspective morality tale...Father’s Day takes on an unusual theme, explores the not-so-perfect lives inside an insular religious community, and delivers an ending that will register high on the surprise scale.” —Clarion Review

“With chapters written from the perspectives of multiple characters, a 1980s setting, and simmering small-town dread, the author successfully evokes the early novels of Stephen King.” —Kirkus Reviews


About the Author

Gary Kyriazi

Gary Kyriazi’s books, articles, and screenplays have placed him in Time, The NY Times, and USA Today, and on Good Morning America, CBS Morning News, Charlie Rose, and Headliners and Legends with Matt Lauer. Gary lives in Arizona and is working on Father’s Day Part III.

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Father's Day
Father's Day