by Pastor James Scott


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Is God Calling You to Be Extraordinary?

Have you ever wondered why God seems to choose ordinary people to do great things? This unique book, From Range Ridin’ to Soul Seekin’, brings you face to face with one such ordinary man, who provides easy-to-follow instructions that will prepare you for God’s call in your life. It’s the story of James Scott, a normal, everyday cowboy was called to spread the Gospel, without the platform of a mega church or any exceptional credentials other than his willingness to serve. Through trial and error, guidance from God, help from a mentor or two, and plenty of “Bible doing” (very different from just “Bible study”) James has mastered the art of loving and reaching people for Christ. Unlike many books that provide generic treatment of the Great Commission, James gives you detailed instructions on how best to witness to family, friends, casual acquaintances, and total strangers. He provides many stories, all completely true and unembellished, about his experiences in the trenches of life, doing battle with Satan while offering Jesus to the lost. Ideal for Christians who want a more intimate walk with the Lord and also for those who don’t know Christ yet but are open to the truth, this is the book that will inspire you to get busy and serve!


About the Author

Pastor James Scott

James Scott was saved at the age of 27, after attending church for 20 years. His energetic, common-sense approach to presenting the Gospel has seen thousands of souls won for the Kingdom. He graduated from Golden Gate Seminary with a CLD, and his many accomplishments and credentials include being the senior pastor at Shell Cowboy Church in Shell, Wyoming as well as the Baptist preacher at the Wyoming Retirement Center in Basin, Wyoming. He is the founder of the Wyoming Rodeo Ministry and has taken the same concepts to the Dixie National Finals Rodeo and National Junior High Finals Rodeo, as well as to Las Vegas. He frequently speaks at men’s conferences and revivals, youth groups, homeless shelters, prisons, and recovery groups. James and his wife spend over 220 days a year on the road, ministering and preaching in a wide range of settings and events. His passion and zeal for the Gospel drive him every day to be intentional about seeking the lost.

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