Michael Divine

The Journey Begins

by T.J. Richards


Book Details

Being an Archangel is no fun when you don’t have any powers...and the demons know it.

After high school, the challenges of the Archangel begin with no apparent help from Heaven but lots of evil after him. Michael needs to solve his first quest with little help. The fact he can die on earth and be wiped from Heaven forever makes his quest more dangerous. Will Michael prevail in this war between good and evil? Find out in this next installment of the Michael Divine series.


About the Author

T.J. Richards

T.J. Richards lives in California and is a graduate of a film school in Los Angeles. He is currently writing books and screenplays in the fantasy and horror genres. The Michael Divine series details the Archangel’s journey back to Heaven. T.J. enjoys writing in the genres of fantasy, horror and mystery.

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