Unlikely, Likely

The Story of Bishop Brothers

by John Gee and Aaron Williams


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The Fire is Lit, Here Comes the Smoke!

This is a story about a movement. A real life story of how a white and black pastor from different points of view see the world as it is and as it could be. The authors face many of the great questions that are dividing our country and our churches in a way not seen since the Civil War. This book strives to show the modern church what is possible when people just talk and listen. From the Kaepernick Controversy to sexual assault in the church, The Bishop Brothers bring two points of view to some of the most difficult questions facing the church and our society today. To read this book, you need to be comfortable being uncomfortable!


Book Excerpt

Our Country is polarized by labels and narratives. If you understand history, and what and who we are as Nation, the reaction and fall out would not have surprised you.  -Bishop Aaron Williams

.  I personally have never felt slighted or offended when people at sporting events wouldn’t stand for the pledge of allegiance or the national anthem. This is why I joined the Navy, so that Americans could express themselves in any way they see fit. The beauty of our country is you don’t have to swear allegiance, that is your freedom as a citizen of this country, and I would give my life so that a person doesn’t have to stand.  -Bishop John Gee


About the Author

John Gee and Aaron Williams

Bishop John Gee is a 20 year Navy veteran and has been an ordained minister for 13 years as a counseling pastor, Fire Chaplain, Associate Pastor and Lead Pastor of churches in Washington State. He currently serves as Bishop of The Celtic Rite, a community of believers hurt by church and seeking a fresh start. He holds his MDiv from Liberty University. He and his wife Jamie call Cibolo, Texas home. Bishop Aaron Williams is a 20 year Navy Veteran and is the founding and current Pastor of My Fathers Business Fellowship in Kirby, Texas. He holds His Masters Degree in Criminal Justice from American Military University. He lives with his wife Cynthia in Converse, Texas.

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