No Escaping the Storm

Twenty-Second Century Freedom Fighters Unite in a Desperate War for Survival

by Gabriel F.W. Koch


Book Details

William “Willy” Roberts Steinman IV is seeking an escape from the memories that are tearing through his soul when he heads into the Norwest Territory Federation Mountains along the old Oregon Wilson River. He’s also looking for a childhood friend who served with him in the Command Special Forces.

After too many drunken nights, and one live firefight with an invisible enemy in the center of Portland, Oregon, Harold Bushong had disappeared into the Coast Mountains—a region once known as the 1933 Tillamook Burn. Now, 200 years later, the Norwest Territory Federation is at war with the Fareasterners over timber rights, and Portland has fallen to the invaders. With alien DNA and futuristic technology on their side, the Fareasterners are a threat that the local populace can’t handle on their own—and they’re looking at Captain Steinman and Colonel Bushong to save the timber, their home, and their lives.


About the Author

Gabriel F.W. Koch

Gabriel F.W. Koch has won multiple prestigious awards for his fiction, including the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Award (2004) and the 2019 Best Mystery with Pacific Book Awards for And Come Day’s End. He is also an award-winning photographer. Koch’s other novels include Emma and the Dragon Tooth Sword, Paradox Effect, and Beholden: A Marlowe Black Mystery.

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