Sting of the Scorpion

by Lee Martin


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My name is Bruce McGowan, and contrary to everyone’s belief, I have not yet gone away. Remember when Saddam Hussein was suspected of having weapons of mass destruction, but then the U.N.’s inspectors found no evidence of them? Even though the American President, not at all convinced, subsequently invaded Iraq and fought a lengthy war over them, the world remained convinced the weapons never existed in the first place. Nonetheless, a dozen years after the inspections, I was taken prisoner by a former MI-6 mad man named Alistair Chalmers who knew for a fact they existed. As he also knew of my reputation as a counterterrorist operative, code name Scorpion, by threatening to kill my Scottish cousins who he was holding, I was coerced to go on a search for the weapons. If I found these nuclear and chemical devices and placed them into his hands, he stood to net millions by selling them to Iran. But, where were the WMDs? Chalmers believed they were shipped to Yemen. I had two weeks to find them or my cousins would die. It would prove to be my most dangerous undertaking.


About the Author

Lee Martin

Lee Martin, a native of West Virginia lives in the Atlanta, Georgia area. Retired from the U.S. Army with the rank of Colonel, he has a Doctorate in Counseling and is an adjunct professor teaching courses in Psychology. A Vietnam veteran, he was awarded the Bronze Star, RVN Gallantry Cross and Combat Infantryman’s Badge. Lee is the author of sixteen other novels.

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