Disrupted Ambitions

The Power of Prayer

by Kent D. Walsh


Book Details

Never Give Up Your Dream!

Disrupted Ambitions: The Power of Prayer, is the true story of a promising young athlete whose high school dream of competing in the State Championship Wrestling Tournament is all but shattered when, at the age of sixteen, he develops life-threatening bleeding ulcers. With his strong will to live—and the incredible faith and hope of his parents, a very special football coach, a talented and caring doctor and the many prayers from family, friends and complete strangers—the young man survives the grueling operation that would save his life. Still, determined to accomplish his high school dream, and not realizing the risks involved, he quietly and secretly begins the torturous and sometimes disappointing journey of trying to return to the same physical condition that he possessed before his medical problems began. This inspirational and emotion-filled book is meant not only to bring awareness to the symptoms and potential seriousness of ulcers, but to remind young athletes to listen to their body when it tries to warn them of impending danger to their health. It also provides one clear and distinct message to all: “Never give up your dream!”


About the Author

Kent D. Walsh

Kent D. Walsh, was born in Minot, North Dakota, but grew up in Vancouver, Washington. As a youngster, he spent most of his time exploring the tree-covered banks of a small stream called Burnt Bridge Creek. His imagination helped him begin writing short stories and poetry when he was in his early twenties and he has enjoyed the process ever since. His hobbies include fishing, working in the yard and singing. Inspired by his loving wife Madeline to publish his work, he now has eight published books. The couple lives in a small historical community called Seaview, Washington.

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